More Gore, Gamepad Support Coming To 'Hotline Miami'

I've been spending some time in the seedy, toxic underbelly of 1989 Miami thanks to Devolver Digital's top-down action game Hotline Miami. But my console gaming-trained mitts just can't seem to grapple with the keyboard and mouse controls. I need sticks and buttons, by gosh.

Well, Eurogamer is bringing word that Devolver has released a new patch which brings gamepad support to Hotline Miami along with a couple of other tweaks to the game.

Detailed on the Hotline Miami Steam page, the update will require the latest drivers for the Xbox 360 gamepad. The update will also require a full restart of your computer to disable gamepad support, and the developer cautions that leaving it on during mouse and keyboard control might cause some slight performance issues with the game.

Additionally, Devolver Digital has added more gore when wearing the Jones mask, and increased the random weapons that can be found throughout the game along with some minor bug fixes. They're still looking into some overall performance issues and random bugs which might simply be the result of players running the game in Windows on a Mac (a version for Apple machines is incoming).

[Source: Eurogamer]

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