Nintendo Reveals 5,000 Retailer Kiosks Where Gamers Can Check Out The Wii U

Today Nintendo revealed that over 5,000 retail locations across the United States will now have dedicated Wii U kiosks on display where gamers could get a hands-on on look at the Wii U before the official launch on November 18th. You can get all of the details and and help finding a Wii U kiosk in your area after the break!

Nintendo's newest home console doesn't hit retailer shelves until November 18th, but stores including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, GameStop and Toys 'R' Us will now have Wii U kiosks open to the public where eager gamers can get a chance to check out the Wii U. According to Nintendo, not all of the Wii U kiosks will give gamers the chance to play. Depending on which type of Wii U sampling station is available at a given store location, visitors will either be able to play Wii U or watch specially created videos highlighting the console's available games and features.

To make things easier for all of us, Nintendo has created a Wii U kiosk locator where fans can input their zip code to find the nearest Wii U demo station. Unfortunately, the map doesn't fill you in on whether or not that particular location is hosting the boring video demo, or the actual hands-on gameplay station. However, phone numbers are provided so you can call in advance.

If you want to find a Wii U demo station near you head over to the Nintendo Events page.

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