'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn' Concludes With Part 5, Gets A Commemorative Statue

In the final episode of director Stuart Hendler's live-action miniseries, the surviving cadets make a desperate escape from the Covenant forces with the aid of a Spartan super-soldier. The question is, who'll make it out alive?

This final part draws together all of those threads of the inspirational power of the Chief in an interesting way, making it less about the sometimes vague call to action and ideas of sacrifice that occasionally carry the series' story with a more tangible sense of the burden of the kind of sacrifice on the young in a fairly poignant and kind of funny scene in the final minutes.

To cap the series' conclusion off, MacFarlane Toys announced today that they are accepting preorders on a limited edition resin statue based on the final episode. Consider the statue a minor spoiler, but you probably watched the video already, didn't you?

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