"Forza Horizon" Gets SmartGlass Support on Windows 8 PCs

Support for Microsoft SmartGlass has slowly been trickling out to new devices and applications over the past few months and now "Forza Horizon" has received SmartGlass support of it's own. The game throws players into an expansive open-world interpretation of Colorado, meaning there's a lot of ground to cover. Microsoft's solution? Allow players to use their tablet as an interactive map.

As of right now the "Forza Horizon" SmartGlass features are only available to users with a Windows 8 device. The new app allows players to pull up the same map of Colorado seen in game, but with a simple touch you can set waypoints

without having to interrupt the action the TV.

The new interactive map also shows players the locations of special items such as the smashable upgrade discount signs scattered around the state and highlights new race events players can take part in.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't reveal when gamers can expect the features to show up in the Android Xbox SmartGlass application, but reps from the company have said that support for additional platforms is "coming soon."

What do you think of Xbox SmartGlass? Could Microsoft really be on to something here, or are they just trying to keep up with the incoming Wii U? Sound off in the comments below!

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