Suda51 Wants You To Cast Your Vote For President Shoko In 'Liberation Maiden'

Will you help the second President of New Japan defeat the insidious invaders in this 3DS shooter?

Because freedom, that's why.

The shooter, developed as a collaboration between Grasshopper Manufacture and Ni No Kuni studio Level-5, featuring animation by Studio Bones is out today on the Nintendo eShop. Based on the gameplay in the trailer, it looks like everyone assembled decided to go head-to-head with today's release of Zone of the Enders using an all-new IP.

There is precedent for badass commanders-in-chief fighting aliens: besides our own President Thomas J. Whitmore, there's always Metal Wolf Chaos to consider* with its President Michael Wilson, who like President Shoko, took on the enemy using a mech.

*Thanks for turning me on to this game, Jason Cipriano.

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