Evil Controllers Terrorize Kickstarter With A Lithium-Ion Powered Xbox 360 Controller!

For years, the folks at Evil Controllers have been doing all they can to improve PS3 and Xbox 360 for players who love having even the slightest advantage over their competition. Now, they've taken to Kickstarter in hopes of funding a new DIY lithium battery kit for the Xbox 360 gamepad that not increases length of play, but also decreases the controller's overall weight.

The Evil Back Plate DIY kit swaps the wireless Xbox 360 controller's back plate for a new one fitted with a high quality lithium-ion battery that can be charged via USB. All users have to do is take out a few screws, remove the back plate, attach the Evil Back Plate, and replace the screws. Evil Controllers have even gone so far as to include the torx tool needed to complete job, something most people would otherwise have to purchase separately.

If you're not comfortable taking apart your $50 - $60 controller (who could blame you?) Evil Controllers is also offering up a pre-modded controller featuring the new back plate/battery combo. However, this option will set you back $80 opposed to the $50 needed to nab yourself the DIY version.

Evil Controllers needs to reach $15,000 from backers before December 2nd if they want to make the Evil Vision kit a reality. At the time of writing the project had already reached $7,835 and there are plenty of different pledge options still available.

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