Guy Ritchie Directs This Live-Action 'Black Ops II' Trailer

From the Snatch and Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels director comes this live-action trailer for November 13ths Call of Duty: Black Ops Ii. Ritchie's even brought along with his Sherlock Holmes star Robert Downey Jr. for a brief cameo (although I suppose you could call every appearance here a "cameo" given their brevity) for this "Surprise" ad.

And you know what? The overall joke is kind of funny, a slight reprise on the previous Call of Duty live action trailers under the "There's a soldier in all of us" theme they've been running with for the modern-ish entries in the series. "Modern-ish" here because as you know, Black Ops II's whole deal is its near-future weaponry and setting--some of which gets play here in the trailer.

So what do you think? Fun? Funny? A rehash of the old ads?

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