Legendary Brings On A New Writer For 'Mass Effect' Movie

In development since 2008, the project gets a new writer who might bring a little espionage to BioWare's galaxy-spanning war story. According to Variety, writer Morgan Davis Foehl has been brought on board to shepherd the project to a completed script, following I Am Legend writer Mark Protosevich.

Foehl's a former editor for both the FX series Rescue Me and the Adam Sandler flick I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry. But don't hold that last one against him: although Foehl has yet to get a screenplay produced, his script "Whatever Gets You Through the Night" made the prestigious Black List in 2009 (the list singles out exemplary, unsold screenplays). He has a couple of other scripts in active development including the Top Cow comic adaptation for Crosshair and Alien Sleeper Cell.

Apparently, the producers were attracted to some of Foehl's earlier scripts which had a heavy emphasis on espionage. That's good to hear: I don't really think of Mass Effect as simply a big, brawny war story, and if the feature lacked the kind of emotional, moral, and politcal tradeoffs found in the game, it just wouldn't feel right. Now the question is, do they really mean "espionage" or "spy junk," the latter I take to mean that it'll more closely resemble the lesser Bond films with gadgets replacing human intelligence.

[Source: Variety]

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