'Pocket God' Pygmys Come To Life As Funko Vinyl Figures!

There's nothing better than seeing a package randomly show up on your doorstep, especially when it contains something video game related. Funko recently released a set of neat little "Pocket God" vinyl figures based Bolt Creative's best-selling mobile app. The figures are currently available at Barnes & Noble and I have to admit, they're pretty darn cool.

The new Pocket God figures are available in two different series. The figure we got is one of 16 different 2.5-inch blind-box figures that cost about $6 each. What's great about blind-box figures is that you never know which one you're going to get and some are much more rare than others.

“Pocket God is here to stay, and partnering with Barnes & Noble is a great way for us to ensure that our beloved Pygmies cross over successfully into the real world the same way they have in the digital space,” said Pocket God co-creator and Bolt Creative CEO Dave Castelnuovo.

The pygmies have also been brought to the real-world as a series of 5-inch Funko POP! vinyl figures. While the selection is a little smaller the POP! figures are just as lovable. My personal favorite has to be the Zombie Pygmy, but other choices include Cute Pygmy, Screaming Pygmy and the Moon Witch. Being a little larger than their blind-box counterparts, the Pocket God POP! figures will set you back about $12 over at BN.com.

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