Hammer Away At The 'Abyssal Forge' With Next Week's 'Darksiders II' DLC

You've probably already put your copy of Darksiders II away, but Vigil Games isn't quite done with the dark fantasy adventure. On October 30th, they're releasing "The Abyssal Plains" DLC which will add a new area to the campaign, along with new loot, enemies, and dungeons.

Here's the story behind it:

The Abyssal Forge is a living machine designed to harness the unfocussed dark power of the Abyss and create the most powerful legendary weapons. The Maker who built this abomination, known only as the Mad Smith, was shunned by his own people and sealed away in the Shadow Lands with his creation. However, the forge hasn’t remained dormant all those years of captivity; it has constructed a vast army and now threatens all creation.

The vast swamp-like Shadow Lands added by this DLC is a new gameplay zone with an entirely new visual look, including two challenging new dungeons, new enemies to best, secrets to uncover and unique legendary loot to collect. Tailored towards the most competent Darksiders II players, the Abyssal Forge will test your metal against the hardest enemies and puzzles yet.

The 800 MS Points/$9.99 download for PSN, PC, and Xbox LIVe promises more challenging enemies and puzzles, the latter should be an interesting addition to Darksiders II, whose environmental challenges weren't exactly taxing (that's not a dig at the game--tough puzzles just wasn't its thing).

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