New Missions Coming To 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' As 2K Details Upcoming DLC

The strategy game gets a whole new set of story missions in the upcoming Slingshot DLC while the preorder Elite Soldier Pack becomes available as a paid download for those of you who didn't preorder Enemy Unknown.

The Elite Soldier Pack DLC brings new customization options and adds the classic XCOM soldier to your barracks at XCOM HQ, and will set you back $4.99 on PSN and Windows/400 MS Points on Xbox Live.

While some of you might go wild for new threads to put on your soon-to-be-dead XCOM Soldiers, the big news is the Slingshot Content Pack which brings a new mission which will have you battling over the skies of China in service of the mysterious Triad operative. Because, you know, China be sneaky.

This release will include three new maps tied to this Council story, more customization options, and an additional squad member for the purposes of this mission. 2K Games promises a release date and pricing soon, but until then, screenshots!

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