With 25 Days To Go, One Man Is Already In Line For Wii U

The Wii U is still more than 25 days away, but one fan is determined to be the first to get his hands on Nintendo's new console. Some of you may remember Isaiah-Triforce Johnson (yep, real name) from past Nintendo releases in North America. Now, he's already camped outside Manhattan's Nintendo World Store for the Wii U.

Johnson's early camp out doesn't come as much of a surprise. Back in 2006 he was the first person in North America to purchase the original Wii. He did it again a few years later, becoming the first person in North America to get his on the Nintendo 3DS. However, there is one problem with Johnson's current plan. Apparently, the official Wii U launch is taking pace a few blocks away from the Nintendo World Store, at Manhattan's Toys R Us!

Were not saying Mr. Triforce won't be the first to get a Wii U, but he may want to switch his camping spot with one located closer to the official launch event, right? Either way, he's made quite a name for himself with Nintendo, so I;m sure they'll be doing something for their biggest fan ever.

[via CVG]

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