New Video Game Releases For The Week of 10/23: Unfinish This Warfight, You Street Fighting Racer

We've got a healthy mix of indies and majors in this week's new releases, with the latest entry in the Medal of Honor series making the modern combat incarnation of the series a straight up franchise, while Forza gives us our first major racing game of the season.

See what else might be worth checking out this week after the jump!

Title: Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360, PC

The shooter season has officially begun with EA's entry in the boomstakes. Blast-contest.

This sounded so much cleverer in my head.

Where Activision juggles Call of Duty between years, it seems like EA's plan will be to alternate Medal of Honor and Battlefield releases. But whereas DICE's franchise is all about massive destructibility and full-scale ground wars, Danger Close Games' aim is for something a little more intimate and in the dirt with an emphasis on veracity with ripped-from-the-headlines conflicts.

If they can keep the QTE's to a minimum (or use none at all), they will be a couple of steps ahead of Battlefield 3's campaign already.

Title: Forza Horizon

Platform(s): Xbox 360

Turn 10 is taking a break from the realistic racing of previous Forza titles for something with more action oriented. That puts them into direct competition with next week's Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Does Microsoft's entry represent a plausible threat to EA/Criterion's latest? If nothing else, it will be painfully good-looking, as Forza games tend to be.

Title: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Platform(s): PC

This crowdfunded platformer is by German developer Black Forest Games, with a dark take on the genre and what looks like an emphasis on the combat aspect of the game. "Dark" in the sense of a troubled, late-90's candy raver, but let's not hold that against the vision of the game. The 3D detail looks terrific.

I'm always down to at least point out an interesting looking new platformer, so head over to its Steam, GOG, or Gamersgate pages to check it out.

Title: The Unfinished Swan

Platform(s): PS3

Jason had some very good things to say about this artful indie on PSN. From his review.

The most striking aspect of The Unfinished Swan is its minimalistic art style. While the game starts off monochromatic, it eventually employs a more extensive palate of colors as the game progresses. Either way, the look and feel of the game help it to stand out as one of the year's most original games. The team at Giant Sparrow have put a lot of thought into the art direction for the game, and what colors to use where, which becomes very clear as you move through the King's works of art.

Title: Street Fighter X Tekken

Platform(s): PS Vita

It's back with touch controls! Or if you want to really play Capcom's handheld re-release, just use the button and d-pad configuration the way our fighting game overlords intended. I've gotten some time in with SFxT Vita and it feels like the same game, although allowances have to be made for the four on the face/two shoulder button controls.

Still, if you haven't already picked it up for consoles, it comes with cross-play with the PS3 along with all of the DLC costumes from the console release, AR games, and some other bonuses. Is this the perfect version to get? If you're on the go, sure.

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