'Awesomenauts' Developer Torrenting Demo For Cancelled Wii Title

Following their their Wii release De Blob, back in 2007, the group of Utrecht School of Arts grads who then made up future Awesomenauts developer Ronimo would attempt to develop a title in the vein of the Ratchet & Clank series. Titled Snowball Earth, it was to be a full, disc-based retail title based around an extraterrestrial robot thawing out the Earth following an ice age.

In the game, players would take on the role of the little alien robot sent to earth to melt the accumulated ice on Earth after being blamed for causing an ice age. The unnamed droid would be accompanied by two helper 'bots in his quest to thaw the world, later discovering that Yetis are to blame for the global calamity.

According to this blog post from Ronimo designer Joost "Oogst" van Dongen providing background on Snowball Earth, the game's development failed for lack of a publisher, and because at the time, the fledgling Ronimo team was too small to take on the whole project without additional backing.

The net result, is that the title was cancelled, and the only proofs of concept were a Wii DVD case mockup, a trailer for potential backers, and an hour-long demo. I've included the link to it below, but Dogen cautions that the demo was very raw and very early, with lots of unfinished lighting and long load times. He also advises that you play the game using a 360 control pad.

Check it out here:

Snowball Earth demo torrent

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