Origin Account Required To Play EA Games on Wii U

EA recently updated its privacy policy with new information regarding user authentication that will be required to play EA games on the Wii U. Apparently, Wii U owners will be forced to establish an Origin account if they want to play EA titles online.

In Section V.3 of the updated privacy policy EA explains, “If you sign up to play EA games through a Nintendo Wii U console, your Nintendo account information will be provided to EA so that we can establish an Origin Account for you. You need an Origin Account to play EA’s titles online. By signing up to play EA’s titles, you agree that limited user account information can be transferred to EA. Information transferred to EA includes your Mii information, email address, Nintendo Network ID, friend list, country, language and date of birth but does not include credit card number or other financial account information.”

Are you surprised that EA will have access to your friends list? You shouldn't be, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners who play EA play games online are already subject to the same rules. What we are interested by is the mention of the Nintendo Network ID. I don't think anyone really liked the friend codes on Wii and we're really hoping Nintendo has a better system in place for the Wii U... We're not getting our hopes up.

[via IGN]

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