Connor Joins (And Battles) The Traitor Benedict Arnold In The PS3-Exclusive 'Assassin's Creed III' DLC

Connor will be going undercover for historic traitor Benedict Arnold in the upcoming Assassin's Creed III DLC exclusive to the PS3, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

In the post, Ubisoft scriptwriter Matt Turner laid out some of the particulars of Connor's mission for Washington, which will see the Assassin's Creed III hero attempting to prevent British loyalists from sabotaging the American revolution. This additional storyline will be spread out over four missions, placing Connor close to Benedict Arnold's inner circle at the request of George Washington.

According to Turner, these missions are more realistic in execution than the recently announced King Washington DLC. In fact, he took the care to use the words spoken by some of the actual key players from those events, which saw Benedict Arnold attempt to destroy West Point. But it's not all dry, historical reenactment, according to Turner, and even integrates the overall Assassin's Creed fiction:

On the other side of things, we needed to inject it with some gameplay so there are some liberties in terms of the action. But who was there, what they did, and what happened to them is as precise as the history books would allow.

Our interpretation of Arnold actually weaves into the overall fiction and to divulge that would be to spoil a portion of the story. That being said, we don’t like having “bad guys” in Assassin’s Creed and this is no different in terms to Arnold and these missions. He has his reasons, and from a certain perspective they make complete sense.

You can discover the plot for yourself when Assassin's Creed III hits consoles on October 30th.

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