PS3 Update Adds Vita Trophies, Ends Folding @Home Support

Firmware 4.30 unifies PSN trophies on your console while Sony retires their Life With PlayStation service.

Starting tomorrow, when you look under PSN in the XMB, you can find all of those PlayStation Vita trophies you may or may not have racked up since the handheld's release. According to the PlayStation Blog, you can also see your progress for each trophy.

But Sony giveth and they taketh away, with the retirement of Life With PlayStation with which the Folding @Home service is most frequently associated. Some of you may not have navigated over to this application during the life of your PS3, but it was a service that lent the computation power of the PS3 to Stanford's Alzheimer ’s research, with over 100 million computation hours donating by PS3 users since the inception of the service.

While you won't be able to download Life With PlayStation after tomorrow's update, users with Folding @Home can still use the service through November, when Sony will turn it off.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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