'Borderlands Legends' Headed To iPhone and iPad This Month?

Looks like the shoot-first-ask-questions-never action of Borderlands may be going mobile in “Borderlands Legends” for iOS. While nothing has been officially announced by Gearbox or 2K Games, an ad for the title was recently spotted in the "Borderlands 2" digital strategy guide.

According to the ad, Legends is “specifically designed for mobile and tablet” and will let players step into the shoes of Roland, Lilith, Mordecai or Brick – the cast of the original Borderlands – to take on waves of oncoming enemies. The ad also tells us that the game could be available as early as this month!

Unlike the console experience, "Borderlands Legends" is only offering thousands of weapons, compared to the supposed millions seen in the full versions of the game. However, the app also promises 36 powers and abilities, a strategic cover system and a new “Fight for Your Life” game mode.

Each of the four playable characters in the "Borderlands Legends" will have their own set of unique skills and abilities. These skills can be unlocked and upgraded by earning experience, while collecting cash will let us unlock and purchase new weapons to keep the fight going.

Once Gearbox or 2K Games come forward with an official announcement, we'll be sure to bring you all the details.

[via IGN]

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