'Darksiders' Co-Creator And Comic Artist Joe Madureira Exits Vigil

After seven years with Austin-based Vigil Games, Madureira announced via his Facebook page that he was making his exit, and returning to comics.

Madureira says the split was on good terms and assured fans that Vigil was currently in good hands.

Madureira (or "Joe Mad" as he's called by the comics set) made his name in the mid-90's at Marvel, bringing a chunky, anime style to the X-Men line of comics before kicking off his creator-owned title, Battle Chasers at Image. He made a brief return to Marvel a few years back under writer Jeph Loeb for Ultimates 3, but he's been pretty quiet on the comics front since then.

He co-founded Vigil back in 2005 with NCSoft veteran David Adams. In that time he served as Creative Director, most recently on Vigil Games' Darksiders II.

[Source: Gamasutra]

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