First Wii U TV Commercial Shows Up In The UK!

It has taken a lot longer than expected, but Nintendo has finally put out the first television ad for the upcoming Wii U. The ad aired during a commercial break for "Homeland" on the UK's Channel 4 and YouTube user Neil Wheatley was kind enough to upload and share it with all of us. Check it out after the break!

If you're looking to have the advantages of Wii U loudly thrown in your face with some PowerPoint-like bullet points, Nintendo sure has a commercial for you. At a minute long, the commercial has Nintendo showing off a set of 5 different “ways to play” the Nintendo Wii U.

Number 1, “things you couldn't do before,” shows a player using the GamePad to fling some ninja stars in one of the Nintendo Land titles we've seen quite a bit of already. Number 2 shows us how we can play games right on the GamePad and free up the TV for our grumpy girlfriend. Way to play 3 touches on the ability to hold the GamePad up and use it as a sort of virtual sight on a gun or bow and arrow in games like Nintendo Land. Number four highlights real-time activities like searching through your backpack in ZombiU and way to play five shows off the scanner feature in Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition.

In all honesty, this commercial makes me less interested in Wii U than ever before. Hopefully Nintendo has more Wii U advertising tricks up their sleeve, because the way I remember it the ad campaign for the original Wii was leagues above of this.

Wii U launches in the US on November 18th

[via Joystiq]

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