Facebook And Twitter Apps Pulled From Xbox 360, Microsoft Suggests Internet Explorer

The Facebook and Twitter apps that were added to the Xbox 360 a few years back are no more. In a recent statement to IGN, a Microsoft rep said the apps were pulled to make the new Fall Update experience more “streamlined.” Honestly, we're not that disappointed.

I'd be a liar if I told you I wasn't a fan of services like Facebook and Twitter, but is our Dashboard really the place for them? Think about it. Xbox Live is social media service in itself, minus all the dumb cat photos and random “this is what I ate for breakfast!” status updates. It's social media for gamers. We chat, we send messages, but most of all, we play games together. Facebook wasn't adding anything to this and not once did I jump into the Twitter app to let everyone know I just beat my record in “Trials”. The social/party features already provided with our Gold memberships are plenty for me.

It looks like Microsoft really didn't have much to say about it either as "we're retiring the Facebook and Twitter apps," is really the only information they felt like sharing. On top of that, Microsoft didn't have a comment when asked about whether the apps would return to Xbox 360.

Those of you who absolutely must have Facebook and Twitter access on your console will be able to use Internet Explorer 9, which is comes with the new Fall Update.

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