See A Wee Master Chief In The David Fincher-Produced 'Halo 4' Trailer, 'Scanned'

Directed by Tim Miller and making its worldwide debut last night during Jimmy Fallon, "Scanned" depicts major bits of the Chief's history that we've never actually seen in games, and have only really been told through the novels and comics.

Besides giving you a CG/live-action glimpse of the Master Chief in action against a squad of the game's new Promethean units (and check the familiar grenade and AR sounds in there), the big focus of the trailer is the quick flashes of his "induction" into the Spartan II program.

If you haven't had a chance to read some of the Halo lore, the boy who would become John-117 was kidnapped a replaced by a clone, selected for his high intelligence and physical compatibility with Dr. Catherine Halsey's super-soldier program, designed to augment children into physically perfect fighters. Over time, the inductees were given military training, conditioning, cybernetic enhancements, and ultimately, those iconic suits of armor.

And that's your brief braindump from my knowledge of Halo universe history. What do you think of the trailer? Did they nail the Chief? Although we don't get to hear his voice, we do get to see the new armor design as well as the revamped Cortana at the opening.


Halo 4 hits the 360 on November 6th.

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