Team Ninja Releases Next Round Of 'Dead or Alive 5' Costume DLC

You get cat ears! And you get cat ears! And you get cat ears as DOA 5 gets a trio of costume packs.

With a lot of 3D fighters out there now offering up character customization, it was a curious move on Team Ninja's part to not include one in Dead or Alive 5. But I guess they want to control how you dress up its buff male and buxom female fighters. Quality control, man. Gotta mind that IP.

Anyway, the three new packs, which are available now on PSN and XBLA are the Kitty Pack, What A Character Pack, and Special Set--each priced at $4.99/400 MS Points. Those of you thinking that DOA didn't quite nail the skimpy outfits on release for the female fighters, Team Ninja has you covered on that front. You can get them all separately or as a bundle for $12.99/1040 MS Points.

From the publisher and developer:

Kitty Pack ($4.99 / 400 MSP) – Helena, Christie, Tina and Lisa all receive a set of delightful and playful cat ears – and sexy outfits to go with them!

What a Character ($4.99 / 400 MSP) – Hitomi and Mila each dress up in maid outfits; Rig puts on his bartender britches; and Lisa has a ball in her masquerade gown!

Special Set ($4.99 / 400 MSP) – Kasumi slips into some comfy overalls; Leifang gets her signature panda shirt; Hayabusa appears as a fiend version of himself; and Lisa gets sultry in a revealing black dress.

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