'Sonic Jump' Makes The Leap to iOS On October 18th!

Sonic, undeniably the world's favorite blue hedgehog, is best known for his amazing ability to run like the wind, but it turns out he's also got some mad jumping skills to show off. Recently revealed via Twitter, "Sonic Jump" hits the app store tomorrow and sees Sonic taking on badniks and Dr. Eggman in a very "Doodle Jump"-like fashion.

Rather than running through familiar levels like Green Hill Zone and the new Mountain and Jungle areas, "Sonic Jump" will be tasking players with jumping vertically to the reach the end of 36 different stages. Along the way you'll run into various enemies, collect power-ups from familiar TV boxes and even face boss battles.

Unlike other Sonic games that throw a virtual D-pad on the screen, "Sonic Jump" will utilize tilt controls that allow the player to move from side to side. Players will also be able to play as Tails or Knuckles by collecting coins to unlock the additional characters.

The game features two modes – Arcade and Story. Arcade mode throws players in an endless level and challenges them to see how far they can get. Game Center support will allow us to compare scores and compete with friends in this mode. The story mode, however, is where we'll be traveling through the 36 levels on a mission to stop the evil Dr. Eggman.

"Sonic Jump" will available in the App Store beginning Thursday, October 17th for a reasonable $1.99. Sega also mentioned that future updates will introduce new playable characters and worlds.

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