'Halo 4' Multiplayer Will Ship On A Second Disc

We learned earlier this year that "Halo 4" multiplayer would require gamers to have at least 8GBs of free drive space on their consoles if they wanted to get in on the action. On top of that, it now looks like this will be the first Halo game that requires two discs to bring the experience home.

According to Microsoft, the second disc included with "Halo 4" is being used to contain all of the data that will need to be installed on your Xbox 360 in order to access Halo 4's multiplayer features. Thankfully, all of that data does not have to be on your actual hard drive. If you have a compatible flash drive with 8GBs or more available, you should be good to go. Also, once all of the multiplayer features have been installed, you will only need the first disc to access the campaign and multiplayer game modes.

"Halo 4" is splitting multiplayer into two different categories this time around. War Games is where we'll go to play things like Slayer and other familiar choices, along with some new game types. Spartan Ops on the other hand is a whole new ballgame. The new episodic game mode will see players taking on new story-based experiences every week and is sure to be one of the game's co-op highlights.

Halo 4 will be released worldwide for Xbox 360 on November 6th

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