SNES-Inspired Wii U Pro Controller Shows Up At EB Games

Even at first glance it's pretty clear that Nintendo's Pro Controller for the Wii U is inspired by a certain other console gamepad. Now the SNES Version of the Pro Controller, recently listed on EB Games Australia, looks to be drawing inspiration from a classic Nintendo gamepad.

Overall the controller looks pretty similar to Nintendo's official Pro Controller, but this model looks like it's had an old Super Nintendo controlled implanted below the dual analog sticks, even bringing some colored action buttons into the equation. There also appears to be a set of extra start and select buttons, which is odd, but I assume they're just present for decoration and not actually functional.

Unfortunately, the listing doesn't share much info about the controller mashup, and even though it sports a lot of Nintendo flair, it's clearly being created by a third party and not by the folks at Nintendo. Either way, it's already available for preorder, costing $48 (about $49 US dollars). If you're thinking about picking one up, keep in mind you may not get the quality expected from an official Nintendo product.

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