'Medal of Honor: Warfighter' Marketing Continues To Be Weird, Enlists Linkin Park

After announcing last month that maps from the upcoming shooter would be based on the film based on the Hunt for Bin Laden, EA hopping the line between gritty realism and action fantasy with... Linkin Park?

In this Machinima-exclusive video for the track "Castle of Glass," a young boy copes with his father's death while in active service, cut with clips and the band and footage from the Danger Close-developed game.

With the development of Warfighter, EA's been trading on the veracity of the game, from the detail in their weapons to the ripped-from-the-headlines missions. But this feels like a crossed line, a sickly mix of fake pathos, rah rah patriotism, and a little "come buy our game"-ism set to a pumping rock track.

In lieu of the mawkish Churchill quote, and as someone with quite a few veterans and active servicemen in my family, let me let screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky have the last word here:

But war isn't a fraud, Charlie, it's very real. At least that's what you always tried to tell me, isn't it? That we shall never get rid of war by pretending it's unreal? It's the virtue of war that's the fraud, not war itself. It's the valor and the self-sacrifice and the goodness of war that needs the exposing. And here you are being brave and self-sacrificing, positively clanking with moral fervor, perpetuating the very things you detest merely to do "the right thing". Honestly, Charlie, your conversion to morality is really quite funny. All this time I've been terrified of becoming Americanized, and you, you silly ass, have turned into a bloody Englishman.

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