Joker and Green Lantern Are The Latest 'Injustice' Combatants

The proto-Juggalo and best of the space cops join the Injustice lineup as Creative Director Ed Boon tweets the second and third characters to be added to the game this week.

It would have been weird to have a big DC game without Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern in the mix, especially after they got his fellow hard travelin' hero Green Arrow in the 2013 fighter. The two characters were, until the big New 52 reboot, best friends in the Oscar/Felix mold, except substitute clean vs. sloppy with cartoonish liberal vs. dim-witted conservative. Plus, both have been through the death and rebirth door in big, character-defining events in the last few years, and also, they are green.

The Joker was also kind of a no-brainer, and this week was as good a time as any to bring him to the forefront with his big reintroduction to the DC Universe after year away from the Batman family of books following a forcible face removal. Now's he's back for his face and some kind of elaborate revenge on Batman and Gotham.

Because comics, that's why.

We'll update you when some kind of video makes its way around to give us a sense of how these two characters play.

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