Miss 'Wing Commander?' Then Might I Submit 'Star Citizen' For Your Consideration...

The next from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts is a sprawling space sim featuring an open world, er galaxy, with a dynamic economy, and of course, stellar dog fights.

Roberts announced the game during Austin's GDC Online conference, revealing that it was already 12 months into development. The trailer you see above was made using in-game assets for a title that will combine elements of open-space combat, trade, and generally just looking really, really good.

Citing his own Privateer and Freelancer as points of inspiration, with offline and online co-op that will affect your friends' game worlds in a similar way to Demons Souls, Star Citizen sounds like a stew of interesting ingredients.

The specifics of the mechanics are still being developed by Roberts and his team, but the game will have first-person cockpit action along with third-person carrier command. The economy will be central to the experience, too, influenced by player action, with money and trade acting as ways for you to make (or lose) your fortune.

According to this Eurogamer piece, the story is based around the fall of the Roman Empire. The bulk of the focus, though, will be on Squad 42, a high-risk, high-success team of flyboys (and ladies, presumably) whose ranks you'll attempt to join during the course of the campaign.

Like so many other developers out there, he's looking for help from the fans, setting up a crowdfunding site at http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/.

Star Citizen will be a PC exclusive, and Roberts assures backers that the game will be neither subscription-based or free-to-play, but instead a one-time purchase. Roberts' plan is to support the title with regular, weekly micro-updates, including more data and campaigns.

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