David Fincher Produces 'Halo 4' Live-action Launch Trailer

The Fight Club and upcoming 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea director is shepherding a two-minute launch trailer for the November 6th release, with frequent collaborator Tim Miller on as director.

The short, which will make its debut next week on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, will subsequently be available on Halo Waypoint and the Halo 4 YouTube channel.

Directed by visual effects pro Tim Miller (he worked with Fincher on the The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo remake and Edgar Wright on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), the short is titled "Scanned." The Prague-shot piece will dig into the Master Chief's backstory, and presumably set up the action for the game.

343 Industries' Frank O'Connor weighs in: “[Fincher and Miller's] involvement is a testament to the significance of ‘Halo’ as a pop culture touchstone, and we think fans are going to be blown away when they see the final piece.”

No word on who'll be behind the mask or voicing the Chief here.

Between this and the five-part Forward Unto Dawn, do you think 343 Industries and Microsoft might finally be able to get enough heat behind a full-length, live-action film? The cost was reportedly one of the main things keeping the project stalled out a few years back, but the technology is only getting better and the some savvy effects people can bring in some of the digital elements on the cheap-ish. Typically, your cast will eat up a huge chunk of the cost, but franchises have been launched on the faces of unknowns (just get Liam Neeson in there as a surly UNSC captain or something and you've got your star appeal--or maybe not).

[Source: Gamespot]

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