EA Unveils Mech-filled 'Crysis 3' Multiplayer

EA has just released this multiplayer video from sessions captured during Gamescom. In the video, producer Mike Reed reveals that the 2013 shooter will support 12-players on console and 16 on the PC, and he also shows off a handful of the new modes.

In Hunter Mode, two cloaked and bow-armed players will start out taking on 14 kill troopers, obliterating the other team and converting them to Hunters, until the last kill trooper is taken out. It sounds a lot like your typical Infection mode with a higher player count.

Crash Site is back, and in this capture and hold mode, each team will locate and attempt to control a drop pod for a limited period of time in order to earn more points than the opposing team.

Both modes will support EA's Autolog for Crysis, New York Feed, which will dynamically display a map of your friends' actions in-game and generate custom challenges. Why other developers haven't stolen this feature yet for other games, I have no idea.

Crysis 3 will be available February, 2013.

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