SEGA Classics 'Virtua Fighter 2,' 'Fighting Vipers' Headed to PSN and XBLA?

According to SEGA super fan Sacra, recent ratings by Germany's USK would suggest that the Saturn-era 3D fighters might be headed to the PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime in the foreseeable future along with Sonic the Fighters.

Both Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter 2 were banner titles for SEGA's internal AM2 team in the arcades and later headliners on the short-lived Saturn. Fighting Vipers was a twist on the 3D fighter model by added destructible armor to its roster of nine characters.

SEGA's been busy these last few months unearthing fondly-remembered Dreamcast games for downloadable services, so it would make sense that with the fighting game revival, they'd want to shine some light on a pair of well-liked punch and kick fests. No one talks about Sonic the Fighters, so if this game, which stumbled onto the PS2 and Gamecube years ago, is actually on the way, it's likely because people still really like Sonic and will keep giving the character a chance.

[Source: via Edge]

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