New Game Releases For the Week of 10/9: Of Orcs, Aliens, Dishonor, Zombies, and Snorlaxes

This is one of those weeks where one can celebrate the diverse output of the game industry, with several high-profile titles making their debut across some pretty diverse genres. You've got a first-person, stealth-focused action game in Dishonored, alien hunting strategy in XCOM: Enemy Unknown; a trio of new Kinect titles. Plus a slew of titles we couldn't get to this week like Blood Bowl, Port Royale, or the new Atlus-published RPG Code of Princess on the 3DS.

The one disappointment: no exclusive titles for the Vita this week, which is threatening to atrophy and die from lack of support.

Title: Dishonored

Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Title: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Platform(s): PC, PS3, Xbox 360

The two big titles out this week--Dishonored and XCOM--aren't in genres that generally get the blood pumping for the wider gaming audience. Still, Arkane Studios and Firaxis are banking that some glossy production (oh, and addictive gameplay) might create good word of mouth and they've also been marketing the hell out of both games for months now.

Our own Jason Cipriano says that Dishonored has so far been a meatier experience than he was expecting, eating up most of his weekend. Likewise, XCOM: Enemy Unknown has taken up a bit of my time since I cracked it open, but part of that is on me as a gamer--I like to fiddle with nobs and levers and Enemy Unknown has both in abundance.

Also, aliens that explode into clouds of bile, which I categorically support.

Title: Spy Hunter

Platform(s): 3DS, PS Vita

A Spy Hunter revival was unexpected, but not exactly unprecedented (Midway tried this before about 10 years ago, so maybe we're all about due). This is one of those games that lives in that tricky nostalgia spot--a certain generation of gamers loved the arcade original, but the remakes/reboots might have poisoned the well a bit. And a lack of top-down action might be a deal breaker.

Still, the concept of driving and shooting isn't, in any way, a dead horse, so let's see WB take a whack at it.

Title: Retro City Rampage

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, WiiWare

An 8-bit, top-down love note to open world games, Retro City Rampage has been getting a lot of love between the IGDA, PAX, and anyone else who has an award to give at the end of a big game convention. I'd love to play the entire game through to see if the humor sustains itself for the entire game. But that skepticism is likely just all on me: I'm suspicious when it comes to spoofs, and double so when they're interactive. By all accounts this is both a funny and mechanically interesting game, though, so I'll just tuck it back for the time being.

Title: Pokemon White Version 2/Pokemon Black Version 2

Platform(s): DS

Seriously, what do you want me to say--they keep making Pokemon games, and here's another. Enjoy mainlining this one until the next one comes out.


Title: Of Orcs and Men

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Cyanide Studios' action-RPG places you in the role of one of two bickering orcs--a big, strong one, and a smaller, stealthier one. Sure, this Odd Couple setup does not a good game necessarily make, and Cyanide's last big effort, their Game of Thrones action-RPG, didn't fare too well, but something about this one looks a little livelier than their big-ish budget attempt at a licensed game.

Title: Dragon Ball Z For Kinect/Harry Potter For Kinect/Fable: The Journey

Platform(s): Xbox 360

A trio of family-friendly games for the Kinect (Fable getting its first non-M-rated title in the series' history), and a reminder to you and your younger siblings that hey, you have a Kinect. Actually, this is about that time, with the holiday season creeping up on us, Microsoft's pushing its motion controlled software slightly in advance of Sony's push for some of their Move-centric content (i.e. Wonderbook).

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