Get All Your Punches in Now: Capcom Has No Fighting Games Planned for Rest of 2012

Responding to fans on the Capcom-Unity boards, Capcom Corporate Office Chris Svensson confirmed that we shouldn't be looking for any new fighting games from the studio this winter:

And I can say there are no planned releases for fighting titles in the remainder of the calendar year. MvC Orgins was the last fighting game release for this particular year on any platform. Beyond that, I'm not able to comment about announcements of fighting games on any platforms at this time. Sorry.

While that doesn't seem like a huge deal--that a publisher isn't making any sudden announcements in the last quarter of the year--Capcom has been pretty nuts with the digital re-releases this year along with their retail releases. So anyone hoping for something Darksiders-related will have to wait and hope for Yoshinori Ono's big announcement about his next project during New York Comic-Con next week.

[Source: Examiner via Go Nintendo]

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