The Collectors Return, Bring More Free 'Mass Effect 3' DLC

You've got to appreciate BioWare's post-launch support for Mass Effect 3, at least for the multiplayer portion. I still frequently pop in the disc and pick up a few rounds to satiate my ME fix. Although the single-player DLC has been a little underwhelming, there's been tons of free content to keep co-op fans engaged.

 This time the Collectors throw their hat back into the ring to challenge for galactic dominance. Along with the latest threat you'll also get a few new items and special, alternate version of the all the maps. Details after the break.

The entire pack will include:

  • New “Hazard” Versions of Existing Maps – Wage war across six maps as a regular rotation of Firebases will be introduced to different hazards and traps. Survive the onslaught of Acid, Lightening, Meltdowns, Sandstorms, Swarms and Whiteouts!
  • New Deadly Enemy Faction – Prepare to face off against the Collector Praetorian, Scion, Abomination, Trooper, and Captain. Reports have also come in that Cerberus has enlisted the Dragoon to their ranks and the Geth are deploying new Drones to the battlefield.
  • New Unlockable Weapons – The Collectors have also brought deadly new weapons to the fight: the Collector Assault Rifle, Sub-Machine Gun, and Sniper Rifle.  Unlock these weapons and new equipment upgrades to build to your arsenal.
  • New Class Kits to Unlock – A host of new characters have joined the war to fight this new threat, including the Turian Havoc Soldier and Turian Ghost Infiltrator. Additional class kits will be added as the weeks progress. 
  • New Powerful Upgrades – Outfit your weapons with three new ammo modifications and fortify your gear with five unique upgrades to defeat even the toughest foes.

Additionally, new challenges can be unlocked for friends to compare and compete amongst each other. Now that I think about it, wouldn't it be awesome to play from the otherside, slowly converting Humans, Salarians, and Krogans into Reaper acolytes? Maybe even even expanding the Galaxy at War into an co-op RTS of sorts? Anywho, the pack releases next week for the tasty price of nothing. So, if you're still fighting the good fight download the "Retaliation" DLC October 9th for Origin, PSN, and Xbox Live.

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