Sad Stats: Telltale Breaks Down the Heart-Wrenching Decisions Among Players in Third 'Walking Dead' Episode

Want to know how many people let xxxxx xxxx to xxxxxx in the last episode of The Walking Dead? Or how about when xxxxxxxx xxxxx's xxxxxxx, and then xxxxxx? I'm really surprised so many of you went there. Sickos.

In today's new video, Telltale breaks down some of the stats around key decisions in the third episode of the five-part story.

****Warning, spoilers ahoy, so don't proceed unless you want to know more about how lives and who dies (and how) in the "The Long Road Ahead"****

Maybe the most surprising choice: that the majority of you brought Lilly along after... well, after you know what she did. Fed up with her paranoia, I left her to die on the side of the road. I sure hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the butt, though.

The first three episodes of the five-part The Walking Dead are available on consoles and the PC, with the first two episodes available on the iPhone and iPad. Episode four is due sometime later this month.

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