Not Very 'Zaxxon'-y 'Zaxxon Escape' Live on iTunes and Android Store

Behind the ship shooting happens in this gyroscopically-controlled space shooter sequel to the arcade classic.

The plot of Zaxxon Escape has you piloting your ship out of the crumbling, self-destructing Zaxxon after defeating the evil robot Zaxxon. It only took 30 years, but at some point the pilot decided, "Hey, it's about time to get out of this self-destructing robot-planet!"

The game is available for the iOS devices as well as Android-run devices, and in the iTunes store it'll run you $0.99.

The big question is: how Zaxxon is Zaxxon Escape? After dropping the isometric view of the original and converting it to a straight-up shooter lacking even the design of the original ship, it doesn't seem like it's really all that bothered with bringing in anything from the original beyond the name and story details.

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