New Game Releases for the Week of 10/2: Resident Eh, Also Basketball Happens

This week, Resident Evil 6 paves the way for the inevitable reboot (whether it wants to or not), NBA 2K13 continues to be a basketball game, while a pair of digital releases bring back SEGA's past.

What are you playing?

Title: Resident Evil 6

Platform<s): Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Resident Evil 6 has a lot of problems--too many to detail here, but among them is an identity crisis. Chris, Leon, and series newcomer Jake Muller have to defend the Earth from the deadly C-Virus while gamers have to fend off an endless stream of QTEs (if Asura's Wrath showed the promise of this "mechanic," then RE 6 reminds us why we loathe them).

If the response is as savage as I expect it will be (not just among the games press, but among players who bought a game with the words Resident Evil on the box), expect a reboot as the next entry in the series. Because what's here is so far afield... Well, I'll just have to talk about it in my review later this week.

Title: NBA 2K13

Platform<s): PSP, PS3, PC, Xbox 360

Basketballs. People play them.

Title: Sonic Adventure 2/NiGHTS into dreams…


Two oldies from SEGA getting second lives as downloadable games. It's been a while since I played SA 2 but I wonder if it'll hold up under the weight of a decade of 3D platforming. These kinds of things don't always hold up beyond the initial blast of nostalgia (I was so excited to have Jet Set Radio in playable form that I almost forgot for a minute that played in this era of gaming, that title is kind of busted in all sorts of ways).

But more importantly, if we're talking about remakes and re-releases of SEGA's back catalog, when are we getting a downloadable version of Maken X or an HD remake of Chakan?

Title: War of the Roses

Platform<s): PC

This historical action-adventure from developer Paradox Interactive is based on the English battle for succession in the late 15th century, and not the late 80's dark comedy starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. This is a very important distinction. One features mutual death by chandelier, the other, death by armed aggressors.

Paradox's game is a medieval hack and slash with multiplayer that might scratch that itch if you've got it for ground-based historical war.

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