Mountain Dew and Doritos Offer Double XP to 'Halo 4' Players!

Halo and PepsiCo have a pretty long history, first introducing gamers to their GameFuel version of Mountain Dew back in 2007. Now it looks like they're up to it again for Halo 4, but this time, instead of just delivering a caffeine rich beverage to keep you playing all night, the promotion is offering gamers Double XP in Halo 4's multiplayer game modes.

The promotion works pretty simply – run out to the supermarket or deli and pick up a specially marked bottle of Mountain Dew or Doritos chips, which will in turn provide you with a code. Register at or and enter your code to unlock Double XP for a certain amount of matches. It really is that simple and buying a 24 pack of Dew or a larger bag of Doritos will reward you with more Double XP time.

The new Double XP products will officially start hitting store shelves on October 15th and as soon as they do, players can start adding codes to their online account. Then, when Halo 4 launches on November 6th gamers can start pushing the Double XP rewards they have collected to their Xbox 360 Gamertag to get a head start in Halo 4 multiplayer.

While Double XP itself really isn't anything new when it comes to online FPS titles, Halo 4 is introducing a boatload of new customization options to multiplayer, meaning the more XP you earn the more awesome armor and upgrades you'll be able to unlock.

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