Switch Up From the Isometric: SEGA Teases Mobile 'Zaxxon Escape'

The 30-year-old isometric space shooter is headed to the iPhone/iPad, and Google Play devices according to a recent post on the SEGA Blog.

The big change: the game's no longer going to be isometric, one of the standout characteristics of the original Zaxxxon, released in arcades and on classic consoles with a 3D port to the Master System (the post even reminds us that it even had a hex grid-based board game incarnation from Milton Bradley).

Losing the isometric perspective is something of a major departure from the thing that makes Zaxxon the Zaxxon we all knew and loved, and begs the question why SEGA went ahead and applied the name to a more standard behind-the-ship shooter.

Currently, Zaxxon Escape doesn't have a release date, and SEGA's just released the teaser trailer and two screens (you can see one below), but what do you think? Is this a classic you're looking forward to getting an extra life on mobile devices?

[Source: SEGA Blog]

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