'Karateka' Remake Looks Pretty, Punchy

Over on Xbox.com, the first screens from Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner's Karateka have appeared, giving us a look at the cel-shaded art style of the martial arts adventure game/fighter.

Boasting a November 14th release date, soundtrack by Grammy Award winning composer Christopher Tin (Civilization V), and art by Batman: The Animated Series' Jeff Matsuda, Karakteka resurrects the 1984 side-scrolling action game for the 360.

I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the revamped art style, which appears to use flat textures for the main parts of characters' costumes and faces for more detailed elements in things like belts and other adornments. I'm not all that taken with the UI elements though, which frankly look like Photoshopped placeholders for actual health bars.

Liquid Entertainment is the studio behind the remake with D3Publisher handling the publishing duties.

[Source: Xbox.com]

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