Gameloft Introduces Dual Analog Controller For iPad, iPhone

Ever since gaming took off on tablets and mobile devices like the iPad gamers have been looking for a way to break free of the lackluster touch screen based controls. While many third party accessory makers have physical controllers available, developer support still isn't there. However, Gameloft is trying to change all that (for their titles anyway) as they have just revealed the Duo Gamer Controller.

Duo gamer works in much the same way other iPad/iPhone game controllers – it connects via Bluetooth and feature an array buttons you;d find on a typical console controller including 4 action buttons, a d-pad and two shoulder buttons. However, it does offer something much of the competition does not, two analog joysticks. The package also comes with stand for your device so you can “kick-back” and play games like you would on the TV.

“We’ve worked closely with Gameloft to ensure that Duo Gamer is optimized to the fullest extent for their rich, immersive game apps,” said Mike Sievert, CEO of Duo Games. “By providing gamers with the first and only console-style gamepad controller for iOS, we are giving them the ability to enjoy a 'kick back' experience while still harnessing the power and graphics capabilities that iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch offer. This will be a game-changer."

While the Duo gamer is sure to provide a much better way to to experience games on iPad and iPhone I'm not without my concerns. First of all, the controller itself looks pretty bulky and it doesn't look like Duo Games or Gameloft sunk much effort into making the controller comfortable. On top of that, the unit will sell for a surprising $80 and, because it was developed in direct collaboration with Gameloft, I can't imagine we'll be seeing too many other developers getting behind it – once gain leaving us with a physical controller compatible with only a limited number of games.

Either way, if you are interested in snagging a Duo Gamer Controller for yourself you'll be happy to know that, and Target stores will be stocking the item come October 5th. As far as games go, Asphalt 7: Heat, Order & Chaos OnlineN.O.V.A. 3 and others will be supported at launch.

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