Uncle of the Year Built This Steampunk NES For His Nephew!

There's not much I like more than busting out the old NES and getting in some throwback game time, but the custom steampunk NES you see above just puts my standard issue console to shame. It may be based on a later model NES, that Nintendo released in 1993, but that just makes it cooler.

Not only the does the console look awesome, there's also a bit of heartwarming story behind it. Reddit user Andrew5785 built the console as a gift for his nephew knowing that he was a fan of steampunk and that he wanted his old NES. Taking this into consideration, we've decided to nominate him as “Super Cool Uncle of the Year.”

Andrew5785 based his creation on the top-loading NES-101, wrapping the retro console in wood and sheet metal to give it that old-timey look. However, some modifications had to be made in order for this work properly. First he decided to ditch the reset button and then he re-wired the on/off switch so that it would poke out the side.

Everything from the copper tubing to the metal rivets holding it all together look great. However, what we love most about the console is the big light Andrew decided to put on the side and the feet, which appear to be repurposed cabinetry hardware.

If you want to see the building process behind the steampunk NES check out this image gallery!

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