Pokemon Producer Says Don't Expect An Online Game Soon

In an interview with Gamasutra, series producer Junichi Masuda sings the praises of connected technology, says it's just not right for Pokemon.

"It's much more enjoyable when you're talking in person. So I think the best way is to have kind of both at the same time, being able to enjoy this kind of faraway communication, as well as having aspects that allow you to enjoy communication face-to-face and in-person communication," says Masuda.

That's the Pokemon producer on why gamers shouldn't hold their breath for an online iteration in the bestselling series, citing the virtue of face-to-face play as part of the appeal of handheld monster battling. This sentiment makes a little more sense in the context of a later portion of the interview, where Masuda explains that he believes the virtue of the series doesn't lie with its RPG mechanics or combat, but instead with the player-to-player interaction behind trading.

This is sure to be a disappointment to some gamers who'd like to be able to have some kind of persistent online Pokemon experience from Nintendo, but the company has for years been wary of connected experiences, and has applied that same level of caution/ambivalence towards taking one of its key franchises online.

Pokemon Black and White 2 is available this week on the 3DS.

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