Weekend Discussion: What Was Your Impressive/Insane Gamer Moment?

Earlier this week, we brought you news that gamer Matt Siegfried reached the Borderlands 2 level cap in a record-breaking 43 hours. Meaning in a little under two days, this is a gamer who took everything Gearbox threw at him in the shooter/RPG and said, "yeah, what else you got"--and then proceeded to beat everything else they had.

So with that in mind, we wanted to know what's the most excellent/out-there/extreme (you can add as many e's to that last one as you want) gaming achievement you've ever accomplished. What kind of ludicrous combos have you achieved in your favorite fighter or mind-bending time in a racing game, or spectacular kill in a shooter?

Also, we're not saying "pics or it didn't happen," but if you've got pics or capture footage, be sure to link to it to with the hashtag #gamingawesome.

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