Microsoft Reveals MyAchievements Xbox Live Gamerscore Rewards Program

I was already a huge fan of the Xbox Live Rewards program, but now Microsoft is trying to make things even better. Since they first appeared, achievements and the Gamerscore they earn us have only existed for bragging rights. However, that Gamerscore will now earn Xbox Live Rewards Gold members free “gifts” and rebates on Marketplace purchases.

The new MyAchievements portion of Xbox Live Rewards gives gamers three different rankings to shoot for, each based on how high you Gamerscore is. If you've got a Gamerscore between 3000 and 9999 you'll reach “Contender” status and earn a “special gift” from Xbox during your birthday month. Hit the 10,000 – 24,999 “Champion” mark and receive the birthday gift along with a 1% discount on Marketplace purchases each month. Reach 25,000+ “Legend” status and the rebate gets boosted to 2% every month.

It may not be the astonishing deal you were expecting, but we can't complain about getting something back for buying games and watching movies – something we would probably do anyway. The new MyAchievements program is already underway, so if you haven't signed up for Xbox Live Rewards yet, now would be as good a time as any to get in on the action.

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