Wii U Ads Show up In Japan, Burger King Gets Kid's Meal Toys

Now that most of the major details have been revealed it looks like Nintendo is preparing to launch their advertising campaign for the upcoming Wii U. Not only have promotional posters for the console been spotted in Japan, it seems Burger King restaurants here in North America will soon be including Wii U themed toys with their Kid's Meals.

Spotted by Twitter user @sprsk, the ad you see above is sure to be the first of many as Nintendo begins to ramp up their promotional efforts for Wii U. We're especially excited that the ad is pushing the Pro Controller as Nintendo hasn't had much to say about the peripheral since it was first revealed.

While promotional materials have been popping up at games retailers here in the US for the last couple months, we really haven't seen Nintendo do much more than that to spread the word. However, a Burger King employee recently shared the following photo on NeoGAF:

Back when the original Wii was launching in 2006, Burger King restaurants offered Nintendo themed toys with every Kid's Meal. This ad seems to indicate BK and the Big N are up to the same old tricks and though it seems unlikely, this would be great way to introduce people to the Wii U GamePad's NFC capabilities.

Have you seen any Wii U ads yet? Share with is the comments section below!

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