You Can Control Netflix On PS3 With Apple and Android Devices!

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Companion App has some pretty interesting features, including the ability to control video playback through console apps like Netflix. Now, it looks like Netflix and Sony are hitting back as a recent update gives users the ability to control Netflix playback on their PlayStation 3 using iOS and Android devices.

Typically, when you open the Netflix app for Android and iOS and select a show or movie to watch the video immediately begins playing on that particular device. However, a recent update has changed all that. If you're PS3 and your iPad, for instance, are both on and running the Netflix app (connected to the same local network), selecting a TV show or movie offers up two options – you can choose to begin playback on the mobile device you're using or choose to watch it through your PS3.

But that's not all the new second screen remote feature will do for you. Once the video has started playing on your PS3 you'll also have options to pause, stop and seek through the video, change audio and subtitle options, or browse through the Netflix library without interrupting the video.

[via Engadget]

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