'Forza Horizon' Season Pass Revealed, One-Time Fee For All DLC!

Microsoft, Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios' upcoming Forza Horizon invites players into a virtual, open-world representation of Colorado that serves as the backdrop for all of the racing action. Now, the teams behind the game have revealed that a Season Pass will be available, giving players access to all manner of DLC available at launch and throughout next year.

The Forza Horizon Season Pass will set eager gamers back about $50 (4,000 MS Points) and grants players access to the game's Expansion Pack, set to land in December 2012. Pass holders will also be able to get their hands on each of the six car packs scheduled to roll out next year, along with five exclusive Season Pass vehicles and a set of launch day cars.

The best way to stay on top of which rides are coming to Forza Horizon via DLC would be to keep an eye on the Turn 10 Twitter feed, where the studio will gradually be revealing all of the cars moving forward.

The Season Pass claims to save gamers up to 17% as opposed to buying each pack individually and will be available as soon as Forza Horizon hits the road on October 23rd.

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