Grand Theft Auto III Hits PSN as PlayStation 2 Classic Today!

Grand Theft Auto III was the first game in Rockstar's long-lived crime series to introduce players to fully-realized, 3D world and the PlayStation 2 blockbuster has finally made its way to the PlayStation Network. Originally scheduled for digital release earlier this year, the game hit a delay due to licensing issues with the soundtrack.

Anyone looking to relive all of the over-the-top car chases, shootings and thievery once again is in luck. Just like the original, this downloadable version features a cast of hundreds of different characters, over 50 different vehicles to steal and smash, and a 3 hour soundtrack that never gets old. My one disappointment with the digital release is that nothing was added to the game, not that it needs it, but something extra is always nice with a title of this caliber.

If the decade old Grand Theft Auto III download just isn't doing it for you and you're looking to snag some more recent titles you've been putting off for a rainy day, you may want to to check out the Infamous and Ratchet & Clank collections that just recently hit the PSN.

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